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Name of form

  • Access or Correction Request

    To help requesters get access to government records using the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act or to correct their personal information.

    For Freedom of Information requests, mail your request to:

    FIPPA Representative
    Family Responsibility Office
    P.O. Box 524
    Downsview ON M3M 3A3

    Please include a $5 cheque or money order payable to the Minister of Finance and mark the envelope as “private and confidential.”

  • Affidavit for a Lost Cheque

    The Family Responsibility Office will ask a support recipient to complete this form if they have not received a support cheque and believe that it has been lost.
  • Cancellation of Third Party Authorization

    This form stops all third party access to a client's case. Once the third party access is cancelled, only the payor or recipient will be able to receive information about their case.
  • Confirmation of Identity Letter

    This is prepared by the Family Responsibility Office confirming that an individual is not one and the same as the support payor against whom the Family Responsibility Office has taken enforcement action. Most commonly, these letters are prepared in relation to writs of seizure and sale and real estate transactions.
  • Family Responsibility Office Financial Statement (Form 4)

    Support payors may be requested to complete this form to:
    • support a Voluntary Arrears Payment Schedule, or
    • because a payor is in default of his/her support obligations and the Family Responsibility Office has begun a default hearing.
    Documents to provide proof of income must be included with a financial statement, including:
    • pay stubs
    • income tax returns for the last three years, and
    • notices of assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Notice of Re-Filing

    Sometimes clients withdraw from the Family Responsibility Office and then decide to have their case reopened. Either party (the recipient or the payor) can complete this form and submit it to the Family Responsibility Office. If appropriate, the Family Responsibility Office will re-open the case and resume enforcement.

    If you withdrew your case on or after October 31, 2004, a $50 re-filing fee will be applied. You will also have to submit a registration package, if you have not submitted one already. If you want the Family Responsibility Office to enforce any arrears that may have accumulated since the case was closed, you will need to complete and submit a Statement of Arrears. If there has been a change in the status of a child (for example, the child is no longer eligible for support payments), you need to let the Family Responsibility Office know in writing.
  • Notice by Support Recipient of Unilateral Withdrawal

    This form is used by support recipients who wish to withdraw from the Family Responsibility Office without the consent of the support payor.

    This form can only be used if the support payor is in arrears and the support recipient wishes to unilaterally withdraw from the Family Responsibility Office to pursue his or her own private enforcement actions.
  • Notice of Withdrawal

    This form is used when a payor and a recipient want to manage their support payments privately without the involvement of the Family Responsibility Office.

    Both the payor and the recipient must complete this form.

    When the Family Responsibility Office receives the form, the case will be closed and all enforcement action will stop.
  • Preauthorized Debit Application for Payors(formerly Preauthorized Payment Application for Payors)

    This form authorizes the Family Responsibility Office to automatically deduct support payments from the support payor's bank account. This method of payment is only available to payors who do not have a regular source of income that makes support deductions on their behalf (for example, an employer).
  • Registration for Direct Deposit

    This form allows the Family Responsibility Office to send support payments to the support recipient by direct deposit. The law now requires support recipients to register for direct deposit, so that they receive their money as quickly and securely as possible.
  • Registration Package

    The Family Responsibility Office sends each recipient a Registration Package. All recipients must complete the package and send it back to the Family Responsibility Office so that it has the information it needs to start collecting support payments and enforcement if necessary.
  • Statement of Arrears

    This form outlines the amount of support payments that a payor has missed and owes to a recipient. If a recipient wishes to claim arrears for a time before the Family Responsibility Office registered his or her support order, the recipient can complete a Statement of Arrears. This statement will include any unpaid support amounts that are due to the recipient.
  • Third Party Authorization

    This form authorizes a person other than the payor or recipient to act on the payor's or recipient's behalf. A Family Responsibility Office support payor or support recipient may designate this person to request and receive information from the Family Responsibility Office regarding their case.
  • Voluntary Arrears Payment Schedule

    If the support payor has fallen behind in support payments, they may be able to negotiate a re-payment schedule. This is called a Voluntary Arrears Payment Schedule. This is an agreement where the support payor agrees to pay the support arrears to the Family Responsibility Office according to payment schedule negotiated between the support payor and the Family Responsibility Office.

    The payments made, based on this schedule, are in addition to the regular ongoing support payments.