Ontario has formal arrangements with all Canadian provinces and territories, and with several foreign countries to enforce each others family support orders. These are called reciprocating jurisdictions.

The Ontario law about reciprocity is the Interjurisdictional Support Orders Act, 2002 (ISO Act). Each of the reciprocating jurisdictions has similar ISO laws.

Using this act, you can apply for a support order in one of the reciprocating jurisdictions without having to go there. You can also apply to change an existing support order. A person in one of the reciprocating jurisdictions can do the same thing. The person making the application does not usually have to go to court - the respondent (the person responding to the application) goes to court to respond to the application.

If you live outside Ontario, please contact your regional enforcement office, child support agency or court office for the correct local forms and applications that are relevant to your jurisdiction (province, territory, state or country).

If you live in Ontario, you will find all of the ISO forms and guides that relate to the ISO Act below. Please review the Introduction and General Information Guide and Choosing Which Forms to Use links for more information

Use these forms and guides when one person lives outside Ontario.

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Introduction and General Information Guide

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