Important note Important Note:

The Employment Modernization Fund is not related to the Strategic Program Investment fund currently offered by the Ministry of Community and Social Services. Click here for further information about the Strategic Program Investment fund.

About the fund

The Employment and Modernization Fund is part of the Ontario government’s $810 million investment strategy for community and developmental services.

The fund offers financial support to projects that promote greater inclusion and independence for people with developmental disabilities.

There are two funding-application streams:

  • Employment: Projects that facilitate the shift towards competitive employment for individuals with developmental disabilities through a coordinated system that addresses a broad range of employment support needs. This stream supports collaborative initiatives that enable individuals to pursue real work for real pay in mainstream workplaces in the community.
  • Modernization: Projects that promote innovation and collaboration within the developmental services sector and build linkages with other sectors in order to make services and supports more person-centred and responsive to the needs of individuals and families.

Successful Proposals