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Since 2004, the Ministry of Community and Social Services has been working to transform Ontario’s developmental services system to:

  • make it fair and more consistent across the province
  • ensure that service providers and the ministry are held accountable for the quality of the services and supports delivered
  • ensure that long-term, sustainable planning guides the responsible and effective use of resources
  • promote independence and inclusion for adults with developmental disabilities in their communities
  • provide more choice and flexibility to individuals and families in choosing the services that best meet their needs

The goals of this transformation are independence, inclusion and choice for all people with developmental disabilities in Ontario.


Since 2004, the ministry has:

In 2009, the Ontario government closed its last three residential institutions for people with developmental disabilities. Nearly 1,000 people moved into new community-based homes with the help of the province, families and agencies.

Investing in the system

In the 2014 budget, the Ontario Government committed to investing $810 million in the community and developmental services systems, over three years.

This investment will support the goal of helping people with developmental disabilities to be as fully included in the fabric of their communities and to live as independently as possible.

The investment will:

Progress to date

Direct Funding

Since August 2014, the ministry has approved more than 7,900 individuals and families for new direct funding through the Passport and Special Services At Homes programs.

This is more than 35 per cent of the commitment in the 2014 Ontario Budget to approve new funding for 21,000 applicants on waitlists.

Residential Supports and Housing Solutions

About 350 people in urgent need have been approved for new residential support under the new investment in developmental services.

A new Housing Task Force (PDF) has started to review proposals and make recommendations on innovative housing solutions for the adult developmental services system. The task force is chaired by Ron Pruessen (PDF), who has been actively involved in advocacy and organizing work in the developmental services sector for the past 15 years.

Employment and Modernization Fund

In September 2014, the ministry launched the Employment and Modernization Fund. The new fund offers financial support to projects that promote greater inclusion and independence for individuals with developmental disabilities.

There were two funding-application streams:

  1. Employment: Projects that create opportunities for people with developmental disabilities to secure integrated employment in the community.
  2. Service Delivery Modernization: Projects that modernize service delivery models and lead to more individualized and responsive services and supports.

Funding proposals were accepted through October 24, 2014.

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