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People with a developmental disability today want to be active participants in their communities. To do that, they rely on a variety of local programs and services that promote inclusion and involvement.

The Ministry of Community and Social Services financially assists with developmental services and programs that support inclusion for adults with a developmental disability and their families. These services allow them to live, work and participate in a wide range of activities in their communities. Community agencies deliver most of the available services and supports.

Services and supports

Developmental Services Ontario is the single window to adult developmental services in Ontario. Watch our video.

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Huronia Regional Centre

Rideau Regional Centre

Southwestern Regional Centre


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March 13, 2015 – Ontario's Developmental Services Housing Task Force is welcoming proposals for original housing projects for adults with developmental disabilities.

February 25, 2015 – Congratulations to the 38 organizations who received grants from the 2014-2015 Ministry of Community and Social Services Employment and Modernization fund!

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Select Committee on Developmental Services

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Roycerin's Story

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