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Bulletin for payors and recipients
Fall 2011

In this issue:

  • What’s New — Introducing our new case management model
  • FRO Client Tip — When you call FRO …
  • Stats
  • Myths and Facts — Missing payor information
  • Did you know? — Payroll deduction
  • Thanks to FRO

What's new?

This fall, FRO introduced some changes that will mean better service for our clients.

  This link will take you to the video : Case Management.

Video Transcript

Beginning November 21, 2011, all support payors and recipients now have a dedicated case contact — a specific person they can call at FRO who is familiar with their case, and who can answer questions and address concerns. You will no longer have to wait to speak to one of our call centre staff. If your case contact is busy when you call, you will be able to leave a message and your case contact will call you back within two business days.

Beginning in mid-December, new payors and recipients will also now get a call from FRO as soon as their court order or domestic contract arrives at our office. During this call, new clients will learn how the program works and have an opportunity to ask questions.

FRO client tip

Have your case number ready each time you call FRO.

Now when you call FRO, you will be asked to enter your case number so you can be routed to your personal case contact.

When calling the automated information line you will also need your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access your case information.


Between July 1, 2011 and September 30, 2011, the Family Responsibility Office:

  • Collected $169,310,000
  • Answered 136,973 client calls
  • Answered 489,501 calls through the automated information line
  • Suspended 914 driver’s licences
  • Garnished $81,154 in lottery winnings
  • Registered 2,722 new cases

Myths and Facts

myth: FRO can’t enforce my support order if it doesn’t have the support payor’s current address or employer information.

fact: Having the payor’s current address, telephone number and employer information can help FRO enforce and maintain support. However, even if we don’t know the payor’s address or employment information, FRO will still register your case and track support payments and arrears.

Payors are required to tell us about any changes to their personal information within 10 days of the change to avoid possible enforcement action. If you are a recipient and have information about the payor, you should let us know right away.

If we don’t get this information from the payor or the recipient, we have a number of tools available to search for the payor’s address or employment information. Once we find the information we need, we can take enforcement action, if necessary, to recover any money owed.

Did you know? Payroll deduction

When the court issues a support order, they also issue a support deduction order. The support deduction order gives FRO the authority to ask the payor’s employer to deduct the support payments from the payor’s income.

The employer has 14 days to set up the deductions in their payroll system, which means there might be a delay in receiving the first support payment. Until the payment deduction is set up by the employer, the payor must send FRO the support payments directly.

Thanks to FRO …

On October 11, 2011, a client wrote,

“I am a client of FRO and just wanted to express my gratitude for all the hard work put into my file, particularly my case contact who was incredibly helpful with my situation. Within a few weeks, she had everything sorted out to the point where your office is receiving a lump sum payment on the account.

I can only imagine the amount of negative feedback or calls you receive in your line of work. However, I did feel it was important to let you know that my case contact is very kind. Please pass along my thanks to my case contact and let her know that what she has accomplished was no small task given the people involved. Thanks!”

Please note: Changes to Legal Services Branch contact information

If you are sending court documents to FRO, they must be addressed and sent/delivered to:

By fax to:

Legal Services Branch
Family Responsibility Office
(416) 240-2402

By delivery to:

Legal Services Branch
Family Responsibility Office
1201 Wilson Avenue
Building B, 5th Floor
Downsview ON M3M 1J8

You must include “LEGAL SERVICES BRANCH” on the envelope/front of the document.

How to Contact Us

24-Hour Automated Information Line
Tel: 416-326-1818
Toll-free: 1-800-267-7263

Call your case contact:

Tel: 416-326-1817
Toll-free: 1-800-267-4330
TTY: 1-866-545-0083