The Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) has more than 100 employment supports service providers that can:

  • connect you with qualified job-seekers
  • help with training and job development
  • assist with accommodations
  • and more...

But with so many agencies available to help, how do you choose the one that's right for you? Visit our Don't Waste Talent website, and read the following helpful tips.

Step 1: Determine what you are looking for.

Before you look at the list of available agencies, make sure you know about your company’s hiring needs, the range of tasks involved in the job and how you will assess candidates.

Step 2: Create a short list of Service Providers you would like to Contact.

Two key factors can help you narrow down the list of service providers you want to learn more about:

Consider looking for agencies that serve the same area as your job vacancy. Agencies serving your local area often have a closer connection with the community, and a better understanding of the barriers that people with disabilities face in the region.

Some service providers focus on particular industries or occupation types, such as the financial or retail sectors. If you have a specific industry need, you may want to consider working with an agency that specializes in that same area.

Step 3: Contact the Service Providers on your short list to discuss what they can do for your Organization.

When you are ready to contact service providers to determine which one will best meet your needs, there are two key questions to consider:

Does their approach to service fit with your expectations?
Although most agencies provide the same core services – job matching, interview preparation, job coaching, etc. – there tend to be differences in the way they deliver those services. For example, some agencies take a more active role by sitting with you to jointly review candidates’ credentials. Others
prefer to send potential candidates directly to hiring managers instead.

Is there a cost for the services you need?
ODSP employment supports service providers offer core services that focus on placing candidates with disabilities into jobs at no charge. Additional support, such as workplace accessibility assessments or accommodation planning, may be provided free-of-charge or for a fee, depending on the agency. It is best to ask up front to make sure you know what to expect.

Step 4: Get Hiring!

Now you are ready to make an informed decision and start on the path to building a more inclusive workplace. Remember that ODSP service providers are there to help you and will be with you every step of the way. But don’t feel you need to choose only one service provider. Consider expanding your
prospects by building relationships with multiple agencies in your area or throughout Ontario, to better meet your needs.

Make the call and join the hundreds of Ontario employers who have hired through an ODSP employment supports service provider. Talent is standing by. Don’t waste it.