March 2021

6.5 Workplace Accident Insurance Coverage

Legislative Authority

Not applicable

Summary of Directive

To outline coverage available for work-related injury or illness and to identify actions to be taken when a client has a work-related injury or illness while participating in an ODSP employment supports workplace training placement.

Intent of Policy

To ensure service providers, clients and the employers who provide workplace training are protected in the event of a workplace accident or illness when a claim is made under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1977 or Ontario's Accident Insurance Plan.

Application of Policy

Where clients participate in workplace training in a work environment arranged by the service provider, claims arising from a work-related injury or illness are covered by either the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997or Ontario's Accident Insurance Plan.

Where the employer is required to carry coverage under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997, clients in a paid work placement are considered to be employees and would be included under the employer's regular WSIB coverage.

Where the employer is not required to carry coverage under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997, the client is extended accident insurance under Ontario’s Accident Insurance Plan for training placements arranged by a service provider.

Coverage under Ontario's Accident Insurance Plan

Where employers are not required to carry Workplace Safety and Insurance coverage, Ontario's Accident Insurance Plan will cover the eligible costs of a work-related accident or illness suffered by a client in a work/training placement arranged by the service provider. The plan is a group plan with other training ministries and arranged with the Chubb Life Insurance Company. The cost of the insurance is borne corporately by the ministry.

Employers and clients are to be advised of the accident insurance coverage. Copies of Chubb Life Insurance claims forms are available to ministry staff, in English and French, on the social assistance extranet.

The ministry's Social Assistance Performance and Accountability Branch provides annually the number of work/ training placement weeks with employers to the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS). This information is used by MGCS to determine the annual cost of the insurance which is based on a premium rate multiplied by the number of placement weeks.

If an accident occurs while a client is attending a workplace training placement where no Workplace Safety and Insurance coverage is required, the following occurs:

  • The initial claim must be made within 30 days of the accident.
  • Service provider provides the employer with the Accident Report - Statement of Work Placement Employer and Training Agency form from Chubb Life Insurance. The employer completes the Accident Report - Statement of Work Placement Employer and Training Agency form in conjunction with the service provider. The form must be signed by an authorized representative of both parties and maintained on file. ONLY in the event of a claim should the form be sent to Chubb Life Insurance.
  • Service provider provides participant/trainee with the appropriate claim form from Chubb Life Insurance.
    • Where claims are made for medical, or vision care benefits the client should complete the Accidental Medical Claim form and supply other information as required by the insurer. Other forms which cover weekly disability benefits and dental care benefits are the Claimant's Statement of Disability and the Accidental Dental Expenses Claim, respectively.
    • For claims that are not for medical, dental, vision care, i.e. accidental death, loss or loss of use of limb(s), sight, speech, hearing or paralysis, the service provider will contact the Claims Department of Chubb Life Insurance at 1-877-772-7797. Chubb Life Insurance will provide the necessary claim forms and assist in completing the forms.
  • The Chubb Life Insurance Authorization to Obtain Information form should be obtained by the service provider and completed by the participant/trainee. The Authorization to Obtain Information form provides the trainee's authorization to medical practitioners and others to give information to Chubb Life Insurance.
  • In the event of a claim, the service provider sends the Accident Report, the claim form, the Authorization to Obtain Information form with the work placement agreement to:

    Chubb Life Insurance Company of Canada
    Attn: Accident & Health Claims Department
    199 Bay St, Suite 2500
    Toronto, ON
    M5L 1E2

    Email address:

    Policy No. SG10284501 should be noted in any correspondence to Chubb Life Insurance. Copies of the submission to Chubb Life Insurance are sent by the service provider to the local ODSP office.

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