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October 2018

Reporting to the Minister – Lisa MacLeod

  • Parlimentary Assistant, Community and Social Services - Belinda Karahalios
  • Parlimentary Assistant, Children and Autism - Amy Fee
    (Appointed by Order-in-Council)
  • Chairman, Soldiers' Aid Commission – Colin Rowe (A)

Reporting to the Deputy Minister – Janet Menard

  • Executive Assistant to the Deputy Minister – Saba Ferdinands
  • Director, Legal Services Branch – Diane Zimnica (also reports to Assistant Deputy Attorney General, Legal Services, Ministry of the Attorney General)
  • Director, Communications and Marketing Branch – Josh Vandezande (A) (also reports to the Deputy Minister Communications, Cabinet)

Six Assistant Deputy Ministers (ADMs), one executive lead and a Chief Information Officer report to Deputy Minister Menard:

Executive Lead, Human Services Integration – Jill Vienneau

ADM, Poverty Reduction Strategy Office – Karen Glass

  • Director, Poverty Reduction Strategy – Tatum Wilson
  • Director, Basic Income Pilot Project - Debbie Burke-Benn (A)

ADM, Social Policy Development –Aki Tefera (A)

  • Director, Ontario Works – Anna Cain
  • Director, Community Supports Policy Branch – Christine Hughes
  • Director, Ontario Disability Support Program – Gloria Lee
  • Director, Policy Research and Analysis – Cindy Perry (A)
  • Director, Planning and Strategic Policy –Laura Belfie (A)

ADM, Family Responsibility Office – Susan Erwin

  • Director, Client Services Branch – Mena Zaffino
  • Director, Finance and Administration – Louise Pachal (A)
  • Director, Strategic and Operational Effectiveness – Trevor Sparrow
  • Director, Support Services Branch –Erin O'Connor (A)
  • Director, FRO Legal Services – Kikee Malik (A)
  • Director, Transformation - Chris Ling (A)

ADM, Business Planning and Corporate Services – Drew Vanderduim (A)

This division reports jointly to Deputy Ministers of the Ministry of Community and Social Services and the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

  • Director, Financial Planning and Business Management – Lisa Zanetti
  • Director, Strategic Business Unit – Patricia Kwasnik (Reports jointly to Assistant Deputy Minister, Human Resources Service Delivery, HROntario, Ministry of Government Services and Assistant Deputy Minister, Business Planning and Corporate Services)
  • Director, Community Services Audit Services – Aliza Premji (A) (Joint reporting relationship to the Deputy Ministers of MCSS and MCYS and the Chief Internal Auditor, Ministry of Finance and reports administratively to the Assistant Deputy Minister, Business Planning and Corporate Services)
  • Director, Capital Planning and Delivery Branch – Tony Lazzaro (A)
  • Director, Corporate Services –Maxine Daley (A)

ADM, Community and Developmental Services - Rupert Gordon

  • Director, Service Delivery and Supports – Diane Wise (A)
  • Director, Controllership and Accountability – Lourdes Valenton (A)
  • Director, Program Policy Implementation – Christine Kuepfer
  • Director, Provincial Anti-Human Trafficking Coordination Office - Jennifer Richardson
  • Regional Directors (report jointly to Assistant Deputy Ministers in MCSS and MCYS)
    • Karen Eisler- Central Region
    • Nicole True - North Region
    • Kevin Pal - Toronto Region
    • Linda Chihab (A) - West Region
    • David Remington - East Region

ADM, Social Assistance Operations - Richard Steele

  • Director, Social Assistance and Municipal Operations - Jeff Bowen
  • Director, Social Assistance Central Services Branch - Keith Palmer
  • Director, Social Assistance Service Delivery Branch - Patti Redmond
  • Director, Social Assistance Service Modernization Branch - Nelson Loureiro

ADM, MCYS Service Delivery - Nadia Cornacchia (A)

Reports jointly to DM, MCSS & DM, MCYS for the purpose of the Organizational Renewal Directorate work

  • Director, Organizational Renewal Directorate - vacant
  • Project Director - Paul Wheeler

Chief Information Officer / ADM – Children, Youth and Social Services I&IT Cluster – Dafna Carr

Reports to Corporate Chief Information Officer and to Deputy Ministers of MCSS and MCYS

  • Director, Community and Social Services I+IT Solutions - Stanley Shiah
  • Director, Children and Youth I+IT Solutions - Shelley Edworthy
  • Director, Shared I+IT Solutions - Surendra Nawbatt
  • Director, I+IT Operations - Paul DeGray (A)
  • Director, I+IT Business Optimization Branch - Tony Paniccia
  • Senior Manager, I+IT Strategy and Governance Branch - Kelly Garant