The Custodian of Adoption Information (CAI) oversees the Adoption Disclosure Register where adult adoptees and birth family members can apply to receive updated contact information on one another. The CAI provides searches to adoptees and birth relatives in instances where there is a severe medical issue and also processes applications for non-identifying information and copies of Adoption Orders.

Our Service Standards

  • Research and process matches to the Adoption Disclosure Register and disclose contact information within 60 business days
  • Update the Adoption Disclosure Register within 10 business days
  • Research and process applications for non-identifying information and applications for adoption orders within 30 business days
  • Research and process Requests for medical eligibility for severe medical requests within five business days.


For general information regarding searches for adoption information in Ontario, please go to the Service Ontario website.

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Other service standards:

Annual Performance Report, External Service Standards, 2012 - 2013

Ministry of Community and Social Services Organizational Chart

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