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A win-win situation for all involved

The Partners for Jobs (P4J) Employment Development Initiative is an employment strategy developed by the City of Ottawa to help unemployed and underemployed people develop employment plans that lead to finding and keeping a job.

The City of Ottawa partners with training organizations and companies looking for new employees. Ontario Works and/or ODSP participants are then trained to do a job that they are interested in and linked to an employer that needs new employees. To date, more than 30 partnerships with employers, trainers and community organizations have been created and the hiring rate from these programs is as high as 95 percent.

Programs like P4J make it possible for Tia Sadler, Danika Christie and Juslaine Charles to develop the skills and confidence to prepare for, find and keep a job.

While they were Ontario Works participants, they each met with their case coordinator to establish employment goals and develop an employment action plan. Both Tia and Danika wanted to work in the hospitality service as front desk agents, while Juslaine expressed interest in house keeping.

P4J matched the three women to HT Hospitality Training whose mission is to supply well trained, employment-ready candidates to the hospitality and hotel industry in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.

“We offer industry-recognized training and certifications, support, employment matching and job placement,” says Norman McEvoy, Director at HT Hospitality Training. “Our programs benefit both graduates and employers.”

P4J’s partnership with HT Hospitality Training was a winning combination, as Tia, Danika and Juslaine now work at Albert at Bay Suite Hotel, a high-end and elegant hotel in Ottawa.

John Casentino, General Manager at the hotel has nothing but praise for the P4J partnership. “The beauty of the program is that the individual is already trained in the field that you’re looking for. It’s a huge bonus for us.” And he is equally happy of his employees, “We’re very proud of them. They’re stars of our property!”