Image of Beaverland Camp

Beaverland Camp is on the Marten River near North Bay. Built at the turn of the century, it was converted into a fishing lodge in the 1920s. More than 80 years later, the camp gives visitors a wonderful opportunity to enjoy some of Ontario's most stunning wilderness.

Albert and Dorothy Cloet run the camp. They have refurbished two cottages to make them wheelchair accessible. One of the cottages is located right on the water and has an accessible porch. A pontoon boat has also been modified to accommodate wheelchairs. Visitors with disabilities can fish or take a trip around the chain of lakes that the Marten River connects.

The recreation lodge is open to all visitors. The entire lodge is on one floor and doors have been widened to allow wheelchair access.

Beaverland Camp prides itself on excellent and individualized customer service. The camp has a very small staff and everyone is well versed in the importance of recognizing the needs of each and every visitor. Albert was happy to help one guest who arrived with a lift that helps him get in and out of bed. The guest told Albert that he wasn't able to use the lift as well as he'd like because it needs to slide directly under the bed. The bed in his cottage had a solid frame. Albert wasted no time in heading over to the cottage and cutting two holes in the frame large enough for the lift to fit properly underneath.

"We really do try to accommodate the needs of people," says Dorothy. "If they need a handle put somewhere so it's easier for them to get in and out of the boat, we get great satisfaction from being able to do that. And our guests remember that."

Dorothy feels that the money she and Albert have spent over the years on accessibility features has been an excellent business investment. More and more visitors are visiting Beaverland Camp because they've heard that the camp is accessible. She says that many guests call them in frustration because they can't find an accessible place to stay. They are thrilled to hear that Beaverland can meet their needs. The same customers often return with the friends and families year after year.