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During the recent global economic recession, thousands of people lost their jobs. It was a difficult climate to keep a job in, let alone find a new one in if you lost yours. And for someone who had always had a career, like Windsor resident Cam Dyck, finding himself jobless and unable to support his family was both an unfamiliar and pressing situation — Cam needed help finding employment, and he needed it fast. That’s when he turned to Ontario Works.

Ontario Works helps people in financial need prepare for and find a job. In Windsor, Ontario Works offers the Community Training Program — a three-week course that focuses on improving the customer service and technical skills of clients to make them more employable. The program partners with Sutherland Global Services, a local tech support employer, to help those successful in completing the program gain a job in one of their call centres.

“We have multiple success stories of individuals that have succeeded in the training program and then moved on to full-time paid employment,” explains Mary-Ann Carter, Ontario Works job developer for the City of Windsor. And Cam was one of those successes.

“He was actually hired after completing only two of the three weeks because they recognized his potential,” remarks Mary-Ann. “And he moved into full-time paid employment at that time.”

Today, Cam is back living a life familiar to him — one of financial independence and full of promise. And he couldn’t be more grateful to Ontario Works and the step up they provided him with.

“For me,” he says, “the Community Program was an ideal situation. It just got me to that point where I needed to be to jump off and go, and as soon as I was able to, I jumped and I went.”

And went he did. After only three months of employment at Sutherland Global Services, Cam was promoted. His boss, Rosaire Parent, says Cam is one of the most valued employees they have.

“Cam is great. He comes to work every day with a smile on his face,” he says. “He brings a very positive energy to the team, and he’s showed some great promise moving up.”

Cam says he’s excited about what his new job has in store for him and is aiming his sights high. Thanks to his drive and the opportunity presented to him by the Community Training Program, Cam has regained his self-sufficiency — and Ontario Works, in turn, has added another success to the list.

“With his enthusiasm and our training opportunities,” says Mary-Ann, “we were able to help him achieve his goal of financial independence. He has enhanced the quality of his life a great deal, and we couldn’t be happier for him.”

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