Case Management

Nicole, Case Contact, Family Responsibility Office: When support orders are registered with the Family Responsibility Office, the case is assigned to one specific person who has exclusive handling of the file.

The case contact is very familiar with the case, and will respond to all inquiries and concerns raised by the client.

When a client calls in, they enter their case number and their call is automatically routed to the case contact. If the case contact is not available, they can leave a voicemail message which will be returned within two business days.

If the client does not have their case number, their call will be routed to the general inquiry unit and the staff in that unit will be able to assist them or will forward their call to the case contact.

As a case contact, I deal with payors. My clients are able to get ahold of me, we’re able to communicate.

There is a relationship building that is formed when you’re dealing with your client on an ongoing basis. I already know my client’s file, they don’t need to repeat to me the situation again.

So with case management, you have that exclusive carriage of the file. Only you can make the decisions on the cases that are assigned to you.

Overall, it’s a better customer service that you’re providing to the clients. They’re much happier.