The File Room

Louise Pachal, Manager of Enforcement Services, FRO: Well you can see it’s a big file room. There’s at least 190,000 cases, files, in this room.

And that represents 400,000 mothers and fathers, and then of course beyond that there’s their children. So it’s a pretty big room.

Every month we get about 1,200 to 1,500 new cases. So it’s a lot of new cases that are coming through these doors.

A case here lasts often for 18 years, so you might have multiple court orders. You’ll have the documents that the recipient sends in.

Any correspondence that comes in here, it all gets scanned and then put into these files.

We scan and index everything here, but we are paper focused. And the big reason would be because we deal with the courts — we have to have that original signature and seals.

And when you see the volume of cases here at FRO, you realize how many people we actually touch.

And you really get a sense of the clients that we serve and the fact that they, a lot of them need the money we collect on their behalf. So it’s important work.