Legal Services

Donna, Director, Legal Services Branch, FRO: The FRO legal branch is an extremely busy, high-volume litigation branch.

FRO lawyers appear in court around 15,000 times a year on a number of different kinds of litigation. One of the most prevalent forms of litigation is what we call a default hearing. And a default hearing is a proceeding that’s launched by our lawyers against a support payor who has not paid support.

We also appear on refraining motions whereby a support payor who’s been advised that their driver’s licence could be suspended as result of non-payment of support, will appear before a judge and try to argue why their driver’s licence shouldn’t be suspended. And in those cases, FRO lawyers are there representing the interest of the office and obviously the support recipient.

Stefania, Lawyer, Legal Services Branch, FRO: I’m predominately litigation counsel, so I go to court usually two to three days per week.

FRO’s role is so important because usually a support order will be made when there’s a breakdown in a relationship.

In the ideal world, the parties would be able to get along and govern their own affairs, but unfortunately when there is a breakdown in a relationship, that’s not always the case.

And so FRO’s role is really important because we step in and we make sure that the order is being complied where the payors or the recipients can’t do it on their own.