Payment Processing

Kathie, Payment Coordinator, Family Responsibility Office: The most common way for support payors to make payments would be from the payor’s income source or employer.

We would send a notice out to the employer to start making deductions, and the employer would make the deductions based on the payroll cycle and submit to our office a payment.

If we do not have a valid employer or income source, the payor can actually make payments on their own, and that can be done via internet banking, telebanking.

A payor can also send a cheque, money orders. And as well, the payor could actually send in a voided cheque and we could set-up preauthorized payment.

Electronic is the most efficient and fastest method of making payments.

Once the payment is processed, from whatever method is being used, usually within 48 hours the recipient will receive funds.

The fact that the recipients are receiving the funds, the funds are going to better educate the children, to even put food on their tables — it’s very rewarding.