[ Wellington Park Care Centre
Burlington, Ontario ]

Bernadette White, Registered Practical Nurse: I love getting up and going to work. And I’m working in geriatrics.

I’m kind of like the supervisor on the unit. So all the RPNs – you have a floor that you run, so you’re in control of between 26 to 30 residents a day.

I love working with older adults. They have so much to teach you. I wouldn’t trade it, I love it.

Karen Szonok, Ontario Works, Halton Region: We first met Bernadette – she was referred for Employment Supports because she was in school and looking to continue her training.

She was doing well in the program; she just couldn’t afford to continue with it.

We accessed our Skill Fund Training program that we have so that she could continue in school.

We also did a child care referral for her son so that her son was in a licensed childcare facility while she was in school.

I have a little person that I’m a mirror for. And I want him to learn the necessity of having integrity. So being driven, and hard work is mandatory.

But most importantly, I want him to know that if you see something and you have a passion for it, go for it.

It wasn’t always easy, you know, studying and travelling that far and with the little one and whatever and being by myself. A lot of it, I do say, it came from Ontario Works – they really did support and help me.

Not only did I find a career, I found that I had a passion for it. And there’s nothing better than finding something to do but knowing that you love it.