Lois Corbett, Business Manager, Best Pack: Best Pack is a stand-alone business. It’s owned by Community Living Oakville.

There wasn’t a lot of opportunity in the community for people with disabilities at that time, so we decided to have our own business, get the packaging in-house. And we have an integrated workforce – so some people with disabilities working alongside people who are non-disabled.

We’re a co-packer, and we take contracts on from different companies who might need our services in building a display and filling a display, collating, done gluing, assembly, all kinds of things, shrink wrap, blister film.

Just like any other business, we would go out and seek out opportunities in the business community for different projects that we felt that we could handle. And we would do a quote and compete with other co-packers.

The reason we originally got this contract from Ford, was because they were doing it in-house and they were having a lot of difficulties.

Jan MacDonald, Best Pack Employee: I’m Jan MacDonald and I’ve been busy with Ford since it started in ’87.

As they’re producing the vehicle on the line, that’s the numbers that Jan’s getting. So that’s why it’s so important that each package goes in the correct order. Jan will file them all, she’ll pull them according to what Ford is telling them how they’re going to be produced on the line, and then there’s a triple-check system. So either myself or Rosanna, who’s in charge, or one of the other ladies will do another check.

Some of our customers are not even aware that they’re working with an organization that services people with developmental disabilities. So, it’s really our goal to have them see us as any co-packer.

They’re here, they want their work done, they want quality work done, they want good service, and that’s what we provide for them. So the fact that they’re helping out the community is kind of a bonus when they come to contract work out to us.

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