[ Pfennings Organic Farm
Baden, Ontario ]

Peter VanRooyen, Adult Protective Services Worker (APSW): Brent was living in a privately owned group home, and he had just turned 18 and he was planning on moving out on his own. And that’s where I come in as an APSW — Adult Protective Service Worker.

Brent Grove, Crop Assistant, Pfennings Organic Farm: This man that’s standing beside me — Peter VanRooyen — he has not been a APSW worker, he has also been like a father.

If emergency stuff came up — it’s that that he’s helped me with.

Needs have come up that a letter that I’ve got — he’s gave them a call and said it was all a misunderstanding.

He’s done stuff like that to take the worry off my mind … that’s how good my relationship is with him.

Peter: One thing about Brent that just always has impressed me is his tenaciousness. Just once he sets a goal, once he wants to do something, he’s going to do it.

Wolfgang Pfenning, Owner, Pfennings Organic Farm: Brent does most of the field work. With Brent, we were able to teach him what we want done and how we do it. And for him, this is a career.

Brent: I heard that you were going to have to have a driver’s license to even drive a tractor. I never thought I’d be able to get my driver’s license.

Went and took the test and I passed, and I couldn’t believe it.

We talked about what do you think you’d like to get to drive and talking about how much insurance could be.

And that’s where it’s good to get his opinion on certain stuff. But pretty well I would say these days I’m making a lot of my own right decisions from what we have learned over the years from when he has helped me.

Peter: I’m very impressed with how far Brent has come. He’s a different man.