[ Home Depot
Parry Sound, Ontario ]

Hey Carl, how’s it going?

Hey, may I be any help to you, sir?

You sure can. Do you have your maps? I’m looking for your maps.

Taylor Robinson, LINC Employment Services, ODSP Service Provider: LINC is a service provider that is through ODSP Employment Supports.

We support people that have either an intellectual, mental or physical disability.

Carl came to LINC employment services because he wanted to apply for jobs. He has an intellectual disability and the part of actually applying for the job was very stressful for Carl.

So we helped Carl make his resume, make a cover letter, we even helped in the application process to Home Depot so he could do that.

And when a position came up, they gave him a shot, and it’s been a great match for both of them since then.

They call us anytime they need something. We do check-ins as well so sometimes our job coach will just drop by Home Depot, ask how things are going.

It’s good to have a guy like Carl at the front door who’s saying, you know, “How’s your day going? What do you need? I’m going to send you in the right direction.”

Carl Dalrymple, Greeter, Home Depot: When I come in in the morning, before I clock in, I get all my stuff out on the table. I go and get my flyers and everything, put them on the chair, and I have the map in front of me.

And the first person that comes in, I say, “Good morning, how are you? Can I be any help to you?” And they’ll say, “Plumbing.” I direct them to Aisle 22.

And somebody asks for a furnace filter — Aisle 23. And somebody will say, “I need light bulbs.” Aisle 19.

And I’m enjoying working here and it’s been really wonderful.

Moira Ritchie, Manager, Home Depot: We as a company pride ourselves on inclusiveness and diversity.

We always want to make sure when customers come into our store that they’re feeling welcomed coming into our store. So Carl is there to greet them as soon as they come in. You know, the customers love seeing Carl.

Every individual has great value. You know, you look at Carl: Carl is a friendly face, Carl is prepared to do whatever he can to assist anybody. And I think employers need to look beyond someone’s disability and just look to what they can bring to the table.