Tracy McGarry
Manager of Community Development, Community Living Durham North

Community Living Durham North operates the coffee kiosk here at the Scugog Memorial Library.

So the coffee kiosk is an opportunity to learn the skills that they need to be successful in a paid employment opportunity.

So the kiosk is one-to-one individualized support to develop skills in the area of customer service, money management, interpersonal skills – all the skills that go along with the responsibility of having a job.

Carol is one of the first people that started work. She has been amazing.

And has now secured employment with the Scugog Chamber of Commerce, and a big part of it is through her exposure to the community through the kiosk.

Michelle Parker
Support Worker, Community Living Durham North

She’s grown quite a bit. Her customer service skills have improved greatly.

She will do anything for the customer, she will do anything for the staff.

Carol’s willing, she comes in with a great outlook.

She’s always happy, cheerful and she comes in ready to work. And I think it’s been really successful. And we’ve really reached exactly what we wanted to do. And I always said, if even one person leaves and gets a job, a full-time job outside, then we’ve done our job.

Carol Hunt
Employee Trainee, Coffee Kiosk

Talking to people, it’s nice. And half the people I know who comes in here.

And I ask them what do you want, what kind of coffee do you want? Like there’s flavoured coffees, there’s different sizes of coffees.

I have a new job at the Chamber of Commerce. I like it, so…you have to give the other person a chance to work at the coffee shop, right, so they will get a job too.

Employment is very big for people. Employment provides opportunities for relationships, it provides value.
And that’s what it’s all about.