[ Community Living Peterborough Duplex
Peterborough, Ontario ]

Barb Hiland, Director of Operations, Community Living Peterborough: Community Living Peterborough was first established in 1953.

We are looking at integrating more people that we support into the community.

There are actually four apartments in this duplex and four in the other. So altogether we support 10 people who are living with intellectual disabilities and we have the two intentional neighbours.

So the intentional neighbours live in this complex and they’re there to be friends and neighbours and have relationships with the people that are living there. The idea originated actually through the Elmira District Community Living. We chose the Bachelor of Science Program, Nursing Program, at Trent University. It’s a way by means we can support the people that we support but also helps the students develop their nursing career in a non-clinical way.

Ashley LaFlamme, Nursing Student, Trent University: We have to learn to communicate with people who have different ideas of what things mean. So getting your point across and understanding what they mean when they’re kind of answering questions and stuff like that — it’ll be good for us when we eventually are nurses.

Nancy’s great. She’s funny, she likes to laugh a lot.

Nancy DeRivers, Tenant, Community Living Peterborough Duplex: Well we go out for breakfast, we go out for coffee — we just generally hangout. I like hanging out with both of them, because they’re fun to be with.

We are looking at an inclusive community and we’re not segregating people who are living with intellectual disabilities to live on their own. We want to show the gift and the value of people who are included, that they have to give back to these students, as well as what the students can give to us.