[ Sudbury, Ontario
August 2009 ]

Linda Morel, Executive Director, Sudbury Community Service Centre: It’s a multi-service agency and one of our largest programs is the Adult Protective Service Worker Program. We have case managers. In addition to their primary role of case management, they also provide advocacy, instrumental counselling or life skills training, which is a one-on-one training program. We also provide emotional support and crisis response.

Gilles Goulard, Case Manager for Corey Willet: Corey … well, we’ve helped him a lot. We told him, okay, if you need us, you, just call.

Corey Willet: Advice was given and I was not too keen on taking it.

Gilles: He was living in a common-law relationship and had a daughter with her and the break-up was very, very tough on Corey.

Corey: I lost my daughter and that was really rough.

Gilles: So we sought some psychiatric help with him that he really needed and he appreciated.

Corey: You know, it’s helped a lot having the office and their advice and people to rely on that I can talk to so that I can work those things out.

Gilles: Corey’s so full of potential it’s unbelievable. I don’t think he realizes how much potential he has. So, it’s my job to bring it out.

Corey: Through the experiences with the office and, you know, having certain choices that I’ve made, doing certain things that I’ve done – I’ve learned to try my best.

I’ve seen advocacy at work. I’ve seen it save me from things that I would have been pretty stuck with.

[ Corey was voted chair of a local self-advocacy group. Corey is a supervisor at a local restaurant and also works at a grocery store. ]

Gilles: Corey has matured and come to the point where he hardly needs my assistance any more. He’s able to find his own jobs. Eventually, in the near future, we’d like to get off ODSP.

Corey: The one thing that’s always helped is, like I say, the fact that the office has always been here. It’s always given me the courage to just try my best.