Slide: Southwestern Regional Centre (SRC) Blenheim, Ontario

Lorne Coleman, President of the Parents' Auxiliary at Southwestern Regional Centre (SRC): The good thing that happened is the fact that the families or the loved ones of the residents had the opportunity to choose what type of home that their loved one was to go to.

Slide: Lorne's son lived at SRC for 35 years.

Slide: Craig Demers Former SRC Resident

Craig: My room. See, all that.

Mark Sivilia, Multi-Media Specialist, Ministry of Community and Social Services: What are those for?

Craig: Um, all bowling, swim team …

Lorne: There were concerns amongst the families of the residents here.

I have not heard one complaint from the parents or the loved ones of residents that have been placed in the community where they are upset.

Karin Dillabough, Director of Communications, Ministry of Community and Social Services: So how would you rate him as a worker?

Brittany Walker, Supervisor, Little Caesar's Essex: Um, from one to ten, a 12! For sure! Absolutely!

Karin: And why is that?

Brittany: Because he makes it so much fun.

Mike Sibiliani, Owner, Little Caesar's Essex: He's a very hard worker. He doesn't waste time. He shows up on time at seven o'clock and leaves at ten — three hours a day. He never stops. He's good every time he shows up. Three times a week. You're the best.

Craig: Yeah!

Madeleine Meilleur, Minister of Community and Social Services: Thanks to the cooperation and hard work of communities, agencies and families, nearly 1,000 people from these institutions are exploring new opportunities, gaining new skills and living closer to loved ones.

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