ODSP Curtis Real Canadian Superstore

When you take a trip to Whitby’s Real Canadian Superstore, you will leave with more than just a bag full of groceries, thanks to Curtis Haley, one of the Superstore’s clerks.

I know I get really, really picky about the carts. I don't like it being messy.

I really have to keep things tidy on both ends.

Curtis has been with us for two years now

um, phenomenal employee, gets the job done

customers love him. Just a great asset to the team.

the ODSP program really helps clients like, to prepare for obtain and maintain the work and we're just, you know,there to help guide the process.

Part of the role that I play is to meet the client, have a good understanding of what their disability or barrier is, finding the right fit with the employer, as well as the right environment for the client.

I remember when I met Christina I had a hard time finding a job I just basically told Northern Lights and her what I was interested in and she did her best in trying to get me the right fit. A lot of times
it's just identifying your skills helping to connect with an employer
that's suitable so it's a realistic goal based on something where
the client is able to do the job and that will help, ultimately, for them to keep the job in the long run.

We never have to worry about him. Never have to worry about what he's doing, what he's working on 'cause he works on the right thing.

He knows his responsibility and his job and he make sure it gets done.

You know, there's something that we need help with the store he's right there helping on it.

Curtis is a success because I think he has really taken every suggestion and every action planning item that we've set out for him to heart. He's really, he's a really dedicated, motivated, reliable and dependable person and employee.

He has really, um,followed through on everything to the tee. He's always out there working,never calls in sick for us.

I mean, sometimes it can get pretty warm out there and he doesn't complain about his job he just keeps doing it; keeps working hard at it.

Curtis has proven that he can handle the job. If he's just like, "Hey, Curtis, what do you like about the Superstore?" I can't just pick one - I like all of it.

You know, I like it that much.