Ontario Works - Devon's Story

Sumi Mehra
Caseworker, Employment and Social Services - City of Toronto

Ontario Works and Toronto Employment and Social Services, we provide financial supports, employment supports and we try to create partners to get our clients ahead.

Devon came to Ontario Works because he had been looking for a job for about four months, and he ran out of funds and then he decided that he wanted to take this Hammer Heads program

so we assisted him with that. We assisted him with his resume and with his interview preparation.

Devon is now an electrician’s assistant with the Pan Am Games.

James St. John
Business manager, Hammer Heads program

Hammer Heads is a program that was created by the Central Ontario Building Trades and our 25 affiliates and a way to give back to

communities and help under-resourced and at-risk youth gain careers in construction. And that’s a career for life.

So that really, you know, changes the landscape of their entire life. I think Devon had a bit of success going in his life and then kind of fell on a difficult time and

I think we gave him the opportunity to grow into who he had the potential to be, he just needed a bit of a push.

Devon Millington

So right now I’ve completed seven months and I’m almost done my pre-apprenticeship. They really encouraged me to keep on pushing through the program.

I’ve pushed myself every day. And it’s been a little bit of a struggle, but at the end of the day, you know like I’m here and I’m doing what I want to and I love every minute of it.