Developmental Services Ontario : How to apply for services and supports

This is Charlie. He has a developmental disability.

Charlie will finish high school next year.

He is looking for ways to stay active, participate in his community and learn new skills after he graduates.

He wants to know how he can do that.

Ontario funds many community agencies that provide the help that Charlie wants.

In the past, people like Charlie often had to visit each agency to apply for support.

Each agency had their own way of determining who was able to get support.

This made it complicated for Charlie.

That’s why we created Developmental Services Ontario.

Now Charlie just has to call one place.

He connects with someone who helps him complete an application.

He is assessed in the same way as everyone else across Ontario.

If eligible, Developmental Services Ontario will connect Charlie to supports as they become available.

It’s easy, it’s fair and now it’s available across the province.

For more information about Developmental Services Ontario in your community, visit