FRO Interjurisdictional Support Orders

Flore, Enforcement Services, Family Responsibility Office: What a reciprocal jurisdiction means is an agreement we have between that particular country or province or state with our jurisdiction.

We have an agreement where we will enforce their court orders, and they in turn would enforce our court orders.

Of course, all of Canada, all the provinces across Canada – they are a reciprocating jurisdiction. And then we have 50 States.

And as well we have approximately 23 other countries across the globe that we reciprocate with.

We sometimes deal with a lot more, you know, in-depth issues because of the different countries that we deal with.

Some won’t accept agreements, and it has to be made into an original order first.

Currency can sometimes cause a problem whereas the recipient may think there’s a lot more money owing, when in reality there isn’t, it was just the currency exchange.

We try to work with our clients to have them understand that when we’re dealing with a reciprocating jurisdiction, it does take time.

Once we do have the enforcement going, the payments flow through on a pretty regular basis.

We have children involved and the children are number one, the most important. And we try to make things flow as smoothly as possible so not to affect their lives so drastically.