[ Good Shepherd Square
Hamilton, Ontario ]

Brother Richard McPhee, Executive Director, Good Shepherd Centres:

Good Shepherd Square is going to compose of not only this women’s shelter, which has got 40 beds for women and children who are victims of violence, and 20 beds for homeless women and also support through our transitional housing programs to another 35 units in the building.

There’ll be 156 units built in the square of housing for families and singles, and for seniors.

The province’s involvement is capital dollars and an additional commitment for the operational dollars, and the one-time capital dollars for furnishings.

So the province has had a big commitment to this.

Medora Uppal, Director of Women’s Services, Good Shepherd Centres: This facility will provide a whole continuum of care and support for women in the community.

There are three types of units: there’s a bachelor unit and a one bedroom unit, and then there’s two bedroom units.

They’re self-contained apartment-type units and there are accessible units as well within those with accessible bathrooms.

We have violence against women services which include individual counselling for women and for children. We have a wellness program. And then we have our medical clinic.

There are unique features to this building around safety: bullet proof glass, numerous cameras.

The building is fully accessible. We have accessible units, an elevator and all the entrances are fully accessible.

Lighting systems and emergency alarm systems for people who are hearing impaired. There is Braille in our signage so that we can welcome a variety of people who come to us for services.

It was a whole team of people who worked together to make this building a reality, so that we can in fact provide the best place possible for women and children to heal, and that they can begin life anew with our help.

Knowing who those women are and knowing what they deserve in life; that they have been treated with such indignity and disrespect for so long in their life, that to come to here and to say “this is what you deserve, this is where you should be” is what makes this a really special place.