Everybody Hurts Campaign

Hilary Tyler, Brock University

To address attitudinal barriers to people with mental illnesses specifically.

And I tried to think of a different kind of way of addressing that.

I used this thing called the mental health continuum.

And on one end is maximal mental health, and on the other end is minimal mental health.

And what I’ll do is have people place little sort of Velcro dots on the continuum to where they feel they are that day.

And if you start to reflect on that where you are and then you start to look at where other people are and your own ebb and flow from day to day, you start to realize that nobody is in this sort of set position of being mentally healthy or mentally unhealthy.

Stigma does really create a lot of barriers for people with mental illnesses. So the more barriers we’re able to break down, the more people can just live their lives as they see fit.