Accessible Tandem Cycling

Will McDonald, Carleton University

To provide the cycling experience, which is both a recreation and a utility, so transportation and stuff like that, to users who have moderate to profound disability, and also for their caregivers, so that they can use it together.

It’s basically a wheelchair with a system that I designed attached to the back of it that allows you to attach an existing bicycle with a slight modification.

So then you can cycle on a bike path or on the road to wherever you want to go.

Then you can take your bike off the back and push them inside using it as an everyday wheelchair.

So I mean it’s about increasing their quality of life for both the user in a wheelchair as well as their caregiver, because now they don’t have to rely on like having a car or public transportation.

There’s a lot of experiences out there that we kind of take for granted and sometimes they’re really simple and you wouldn’t imagine that it’s hard to participate in that, but there’s a lot of things that we can make accessible that aren’t right now.