Joel Carlton, Administrative Assistant (Township Hilliard / Thornloe): I have a spinal cord injury from a fall in September 1993. I fell out of a barn and I broke my neck at the C6-7 vertebrae.

Janet Gore, Clerk-Treasurer (Township Hilliard / Thornloe): He does a lot of the work, and he takes more and more of the load all the time. We have gradually been able to provide him with more full time employment. Because we're a small municipality, the budget is not that great — so we would never have been able to do what we've been able to do with Joel if it weren't for government money.

Joel Carlton: And around here, this is my work station area. Now, this is where employment supports has helped a lot. They've helped with this desk — so that it's been custom made.

This is my van. I have a remote control that's mounted on my wheelchair. Over on this side here, there's a handle — and this here controls the gas and the brake. Right here.

I appreciate everything that the Ontario Disability Supports Program is doing to help me, but my long-term goal is to get off the program altogether. And being employed here is helping me to develop the training and skills I need to eventually get there.

You have a lot of independence, you know, when you're able to get out there and work and do things and you feel a sense of accomplishment. At the end of the day, it's a change in lifestyle, and you know, it's much more normal now, when you can go and work and do things.

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