Land Connections Exhibit – McMichael Canadian Art Collection
Kleinburg, Ontario

Ola Mazzuca
McMichael Canadian Art Collection

Our goal is to provide accessible programming and an accessible experience for children, youth and seniors with various disabilities.

In Land Connections, our professional art instructor introduced the participants to a piece by A.Y. Jackson called Bent Pine.

Now, the participants used Bent Pine as a starting point, inspiration to create their own interpretive works over the course of four weeks where multimedia items and tactile materials were used, in addition to accessible art tools that assisted them in their various needs and catered to their various disabilities.

Not only are they really spunky and enthusiastic and fun to work with and be around, but they are so incredibly talented.

Land Connections Participant

This art class is very, like part of my life. My favourite part of the art class is painting and drawing. I love people looking at my art because I want to be famous one day and I want to be an artist.

Land Connections Participant

Making it more fancier, to make it more real – that was my whole entire idea. It feels like that is my most favourite artwork that I did in my whole entire life.

The art pieces that were created were so special, so unique, so creative that we want to showcase our accessible practices at the McMichael with these art pieces to show people that anyone can do art. And that’s exactly what we’re doing here with Land Connections today.