L’Arche Kara Foyer Residence
North Bay, Ontario

Martina Getz
Executive Director, L’Arche North Bay

Well L’Arche North Bay was started in 1978 and it was really to have a home where people live in a community-style and where mutual relationships are formed.

Well this home is home to 9 people. And it’s over 100 years old.

So of course, with a house of that age comes first off, a lot of needs around repairs and maintenance costs. But it also, because of the age of the home, it’s not very accessible anymore.

And so we put in a major capital request to the government. And then we got the news that we got the funding.

So with that funding we were able to purchase two semi-detached homes.

And it helps us first off to try out a smaller living experience. So in the new home there will be three core members on each side and two assistants.

It also allowed us to increase the space of wheelchair accessibility.

Like for example, you have Jeanne D’Arc. Now, in the home she walks in, she has a walker, and when she’s out in the community she needs to be in a wheelchair.

It has a ramp, so for accessibility, and in the back we have a big deck which connects the two sides so we can easily visit each other.

You have wider doorways, wider hallways.

Jeanne D’Arc, she is very excited about the move.

Family members are very happy and they’re very supportive.

Monique Leblanc
Jeanne D’Arc’s sister

I thought it was exciting. I thought, “Gee, this is good news!” Something new, a different place to live in and she seemed excited about it. So…and she’s been talking about it since.

L’Arche has been something great for my sister.

Now we know that she has a home that’s home. And we really appreciate that.