[ Community Living Toronto
Toronto, Ontario ]

Kathy Simoes, Community Living Toronto: The person-directed planning process is extremely important to individuals with intellectual disabilities. So a person-directed plan really helps us learn about the individual, about their dreams, about the supports that are needed for them to be successful. So it’s just about making sure that we’re hearing the reasons and the goals and the choices that people have to help people start to plan for their futures and express what they want.

When I first started working with Mark he really began to identify things through the person-directed planning process that he wanted to attain. So he wanted to begin travelling independently within his community.

So he was able to go out for TTC training. He began to quickly learn how to access routes.

And he wanted to attain competitive employment - a paid position somewhere meaningful for him.

Mark Miller: I am actually a cashier assistant. That means I take care of the carts and the baskets, returns and I help the customers to the car if they need it.

And I love working there.

Kathy Simoes: Ultimately, his biggest goal that he’s always wanted was to live independently.

We worked together on developing his living skills. And he’s been flourishing.

Mark Miller: Now I achieved living in a nice apartment. And I really like living there because it’s a beautiful building. I have my very own space.

I think it was good that I got all this help. I’m very proud of myself.

Kathy Simoes: Having an active role in society is invaluable.