Community Living Elmira, Trying it on For Size

It’s amazing how powerful someone can be when you give them the right tools. At Community Living Elmira, the Trying it on For Size program gave Roycerin the tools she needed to live a more independent life.

You buy a whistle for 45 cents.

Would you be able to figure out how much change you would get?

Trying it on for Size is a program that evaluates independent living skills. Initially when an individual comes to TIFS the goal is to work side by side in partnership with them and then eventually step back as they become more confident for transitioning from their current home to live a more independent life.

For Roycerin, she was a young lady in her twenties. She wanted to have social connections and be out doing things and learning stuff when I first came I was really shy and I didn't talk to anybody at all and I would just close up and everything. Now i can talk and I'm more confident in myself 'cause it gives you independence and you can like, go out shopping by yourself and you have to learn budgeting and money skills and, um, all the important stuff

We sort of setup scenarios to see what the individual's response will be, such as doing surprise fire drills after we've walked through it a few times. It allows the individual the confidence to move forward and to take chances and it allows their family and support network to recognize their advancement. The goal for Trying it on for Size is to end up with a roadmap of what future planning should look like. To see this progress in a young lady who couldn't even discuss moving out of her parents' home and committed to making these changes and working towards these goals.

We're just amazed with the things they wanted from life. I wanted to go back to school, get my diploma to hopefully go to university or college, get my ECE so I could work with more children and

TIFS is an awesome experience. If you're going to come into TIFS do it.