Cheryl Zinyk, Creative Director, Sol Express: Sol Express is predominately a creative arts group. And it’s with belief that people with developmental disabilities have very interesting things to say and great perspectives on things, and I think can actually blow us away.

We work on vocal work, we work on movement, balance. We work on projection, story writing, story telling.

And within that of course, how to listen to each other, and how to work together.

Nicholas, Member, Sol Express: We come together every Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

We have developmental disabilities. And we try to, we share our ideas, we share our music, art.

Irini, Member, Sol Express: We do a warm-up and we do a body, body exercise.

This year we did In River’s Time — a story about what makes us different and what makes us to be ourselves. There’s a lot of messages in there that we, all of us reflect on.

“This is awesome!” “Oh, this is awful!” “Goodnight.” “Goodnight!” [laughter]

Andreas, Member, Sol Express: I felt something is going on with my heart, like something real is happening. And I understand the whole meaning of what happened that start that. And it’s all about the transformation, how things can be transformation to something.

I feel good about myself, I feel good being up there, and making them clap. I love doing plays and stuff that I’ve never done. And I feel like when I’m here, I feel like … I feel like a star.

I felt really excited and happy. Well, actually we had an encore at the end. That really felt really, really good.

Robert, Member, Sol Express: I feel happy! I feel proud, I feel proud that I’ve done it!

I think if we can have that effect, that we can maybe invite people into an experience, I think that’s wonderful. And so people had a good evening, an evening that made them think about life, and about people around them and be touched by the people who are on stage – and I think that’s good theatre.