Scarborough, Ontario

Megan Hart

We teach life skills, as well as vocational skills, to adults with developmental disabilities.

So we teach our life skills in a number of ways using the SmartBoard and the HUB technology together. That way we’re able to keep the lessons interactive and engaging as possible with our clients.

So right now in community safety we teach about everything it takes to be safe while out in the community. So that can refer to the traffic signs, how to take the TTC safely.

We do shopping. And we plan a weekly recipe and pick up all the ingredients for the recipe, so this gives them the opportunity to do price comparison and plan a budget for their own meal.

And then we follow that up with nutrition. So for nutrition, we cover a number of lessons such as kitchen and food safety, healthy eating. And then we do cooking, so it’s actually making the meal.

With our clients, a lot of them learn through the hands-on-learning.  So engaging, being able to see the material and actually interacting with the material as they’re doing it.

Stephanie Grieve

We are learning about how to stay on budget when shopping for groceries.

Writing down the list of groceries we need so we don’t forget anything.

And at FreshCo we get our items if we need the item. If we don’t, we find the price for that item and compare prices.

We get to do a lot more interactive stuff on the HUB.

Having the opportunity to take them out in the community and implement the skills that we’ve taught them, so to watch them independently on the TTC, or to be able to go to the grocery store and pick up the items – it’s always nice to see the skills that you’re teaching them in the classroom in action.That’s when you know they’ve really got it.