Tim Laughlin, Employee, Spikes Indoor Sports, London, Ontario

Tim is an Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) Employment Supports client who has Central Auditory Processing Disorder, Attention deficit Disorder and Dyslexia.

With help from ODSP service provider LEADS, Tim has retained a successful job at Spike's Indoor Sports since 2005.

Tim: Three years ago, I was literally fresh out of high school and I needed a job so I asked my LEADS counsellor at that point if he could start looking for a new job.

Janet Neeb: Manager, LEADS Employment Services: LEADS is a Employment and Skills Development Service, assisting people with disabilities and community employers to make a match with regard to jobs.

Well, when Tim first started we were here pretty much full-time with Tim while he was learning the job. So a staff member from LEADS came along with Tim while he was learning the routine of the job, helping him learn the technical aspects of the job until he was able do those things independently, start his routine, keep on tasks and meet the timelines that that the employer had for him and we were able to phase out those support and provided follow-up to make sure that things still going okay for Tim and getting feedback from Earl, his employer.

Earl Misener, Owner, Spike's Indoor Sports: I was introduced to LEADS in my early days that time having some issues with some staffing related items with respect to my grooming in my courts, my dishes, my recycling, things like that. I found it very tough, high turnover, I you know I wasn't reluctant at all to giving him a try. I gave him a try. I have had numerous LEADS employees throughout the years but we always had at least three on staff at all times.

Janet: The employer benefits from getting an employee who can meet the job requirement. LEADS provided assistance to Spike, in bringing Spike qualified candidates from the position that they had available. So making that fit for Tim and Spike would be a win/win situation from both the employer and for Tim.

Tim: My LEADS counselor comes in probably every two weeks to check up on me and make sure there is nothing wrong. If there are extra training needs to be done, she will come in to coach me through it. Also, I have taken extra training programs, so I was able to do that and help out quite a bit.

Earl: In my opinion once you are hired on to do the job you do, disabilities gets kind of out of the equation. They not here because of they have disabilities, they are here because they can do the job. They are always on time, they are punctual, they are always in a good mood and they do the job at hand. So why wouldn't you want that person working for you?

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