[ Edinburgh Heritage Centre
Caledonia, Ontario ]

Jo-Anne Orton, Passport Mentoring Coordinator, Community Living Ontario: We work with high school students who have intellectual disabilities. And the idea is that by helping them explore their interests while they’re in high school, they’re better able to make decisions about what life will look like after high school.

So Will was one of the students that was referred to me, and he identified history and the war as something he was really interested in.

And then from there, we thought well war – let’s look at the museum, let’s see what the museum’s all about. And that’s when we met Anne.

Anne Unyi, Mentor – museum curator: Will was really interested in the archival and research aspect of it.

So we have binders of soldiers who went off to serve during World War I, so we were looking for specific information on those men that we have listed in those resources.

Will transcribed all of that for us. So he was able to fill in quite a few gaps actually.

Just to have someone with so much passion and wanting to learn. Someone that shares that passion that I have, that love of what you do. And to be able to help him develop his passion even more, it’s so, it’s rewarding.

Will Moser, Mentee: I found it really interesting who I might find in the archives. I actually found my great grandfather – he was one of the few who managed to escape without injury.

I also went through the old World War II newspapers. I went from the beginning of 1939 up until to the end of 1946, which I was looking for articles that mentioned stories about the war and the involvement of the military.

She’s taught me very well. Thanks to her and my experience here, I’ve actually decided to pursue a career as a museum curator.

It’s really helped me out and thanks to Passport Mentoring, I’ve really considered my future.