February 27, 2007

GoodParentsPay.com Delivering Results

Overwhelming Response Helps Locate Three Missing Individuals

Queen's Park - Three individuals who had defaulted on their court-ordered child support payments have been found thanks to the McGuinty government's new www.goodparentspay.com website, Minister of Community and Social Services Madeleine Meilleur announced today.

"After one week of operation, goodparentspay.com has been a huge success with over 10 million hits," said Meilleur. "Thanks to this site, people who have failed to live up to their family responsibilities are getting the message and children are getting the support they deserve."

The site was launched on February 19, 2007. Since then, it has received more than 10 million hits, and over 150 tips from the public have been received about the locations of missing support payors. The site is run by the Family Responsibility Office (FRO) and features pictures and other information about defaulting support payors and allows people to submit information about these individuals anonymously.

"These developments clearly demonstrate that www.goodparentspay.com is working, as we knew it would. This goes to show that the more tools the FRO has, the better it will work. We are very happy that the McGuinty government is taking the necessary steps to ensure that more children receive the support to which they are entitled," said Renate Diorio of Families Against Deadbeats.

Goodparentspay.com is the latest measure introduced by the McGuinty government to help children and their families get the support they deserve. Other measures include the Credit Bureau Initiative which has collected more than $330 million since January 2004 and the Customer Service Unit which has handled almost 400,000 additional calls since February 2004. This represents a 35% increase in the number of calls the FRO handles.

"Goodparentspay.com is working for Ontario's families," said Meilleur. "When families are stronger, Ontario is stronger."


Marc Despatie
Minister's Office

Paul Doig
Ministry of Community and Social Services

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