January 14, 2013

McGuinty Government Now Accepting Proposals from Non-profits


Ontario is accepting proposals from non-profit organizations that want to improve accessibility for people with disabilities.

The EnAbling Change Program, now in its 14th year, provides financial support and expertise to help partner organizations develop and implement projects that:

  • educate an industry or sector across the province on its accessibility requirements.
  • develop innovative approaches to increasing accessibility awareness.
  • promote Ontario as a world leader in accessibility.

This year, the program will fund six to eight province-wide projects. The province is especially interested in proposals for projects that will engage professionals who design public spaces, such as planners, engineers and developers, given Ontario’s newest standard in this area.

To submit a proposal, visit Grants Ontario and follow the steps. The application deadline is February 4. The province aims to finalize contracts with new partners by March 31.

Making Ontario more accessible is an important part of the province's plan to create opportunities for Ontarians and build independence for people of all abilities.


“We want to make Ontario accessible to people of all abilities. Programs like EnAbling Change are an important part of our journey towards a more accessible province by 2025.”
— John Milloy, Minister of Community and Social Services

“The EnAbling Change Program has helped the Ontario Chamber of Commerce effectively communicate Ontario’s accessibility standards and emphasize the importance of customer service to the business community.”
— Louie DiPalma, Director, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Programs, Ontario Chamber of Commerce

Quick Facts

  • The province is also interested in funding projects that will increase access to and awareness of healthy living, leisure and recreation opportunities for people with disabilities.
  • Ontario has partnered with more than 60 organizations to reach out across the province through the EnAbling Change Program since its launch in 1999-2000.
  • Ontario’s accessibility law affects 360,000 businesses and organizations throughout the province.

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