January 20, 2014


Ontario is launching a review of the operations of adoption information disclosure services to evaluate how they are working for adopted adults, adoptive families and birth families.

A consultation paper is now posted online. Individuals who have used the government adoption information disclosure services and organizations that represent adopted adults, adoptive families or birth families, are invited to provide feedback until Feb. 28, 2014.

Ontario’s adoption information disclosure services allow for requests from individuals to:

  • Disclose information from birth and adoption records.
  • File a disclosure veto for an adoption finalized before September 1, 2008, to prevent their identifying information from being released.
  • File a no contact notice.
  • File a notice of contact preference.
  • Release non-identifying information.

Improving the province’s adoption information services is part of Ontario’s approach to Open Government and supports the government's plan to work together as One Ontario to build a successful, compassionate and united province where everyone has the opportunity to connect, contribute and enjoy a high quality of life.


“This consultation is an example of Ontario’s approach to Open Government. Our goal is to reach out to people who have used adoption information disclosure services and give them a greater voice in the services we deliver and how they might be improved to work better for the people who need them.”

- Ted McMeekin, Minister of Community and Social Services

Quick Facts

  • Since June 1, 2009, approximately 17,500 applications from adopted adults and birth parents requesting adoption birth information have been processed.

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