The Violence Against Women (VAW) Emergency Shelter Standards help ensure that consistent, high quality service is delivered by MCSS-funded shelters across the province.

  • September 2015
    MCSS hosted planning sessions for VAW shelters to assist them with implementation work plans/checklist templates which would outline the steps shelter agencies would take to implement the Standards.

  • July 2015
    All shelters were given a summary of the consultations, along with a copy of the draft standards. The shelters then had an opportunity to provide final written feedback to MCSS.

  • June 2015
    MCSS invited all ministry-funded VAW emergency shelters to participate in consultations on the proposed standards.

  • May 2015
    MCSS created two working groups (English and French) with representatives from 89 shelters across Ontario, to help develop the standards.

Associated files

VAW Emergency Shelter Standards

Information Sheet

Consultation Summary Report