Healthy babies and children

Indigenous Healthy Babies Healthy Children Program

A child's early years — from before birth to age six — are very important. Healthy babies are more likely to develop into healthy children, and healthy children are more likely to grow up to be healthy teenagers and healthy adults.

The Indigenous Healthy Babies Healthy Children program helps children get a healthy start in life in ways that honour and respect Indigenous culture and beliefs.

The Indigenous Healthy Babies Healthy Children program is:

  • free
  • voluntary, and
  • designed for Indigenous parents and their children.

It is open to:

  • pregnant moms, and
  • families with young children up to the age of six.

Services include:

  • preparation for parenting
  • screening and assessments to see if there are any risks that could affect a child's healthy development
  • service coordination
  • home visits, and
  • referrals to services and resources.

Where you can find the program

If you are pregnant, ask your family doctor, midwife or nurse.

If you have a child up to 6 years old, contact a program near you.