Developmental Services Ontario will make it easier for adults with a developmental disability and their families to apply for supports. Watch our video to find out more.

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Making it easier to find developmental services and supports

Starting July 2011, Ontario is changing the way people with a developmental disability and their families apply for provincially funded adult developmental services and supports.

Before, people often had to go to different places to apply for services and supports and fill out different applications. Sometimes, people with similar needs got different levels of support depending on how they were assessed and where they applied.

Now individuals and their families can connect with one place — Developmental Services Ontario — for services and supports. Everyone who is eligible for service will be assessed in a fair and consistent way.

What Developmental Services Ontario does

Developmental Services Ontario is the single point of contact for adult developmental services in Ontario. It:

  • provides information
  • confirms eligibility for services and supports
  • determines service and support needs
  • links people to services and supports, and
  • will administer direct funding agreements in the future.

For more information, visit the Developmental Services Ontario website.

Learn more

Contact Developmental Services Ontario to apply for services and supports.