Services and supports are available to help people with a developmental disability participate fully as citizens in Ontario communities.

The Ministry of Community and Social Services funds these services and supports for adults with a developmental disability and their families so that they can live, work and participate in a wide range of activities in their communities.

Most of the services and supports available are delivered by community agencies.

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  • The Ontario Disability Support Program helps adults with disabilities and their families who are in financial need or who want to work but need some support. Find out more.

Third Party Providers of Developmental Services in Ontario

In addition to services and supports that are available from ministry-funded developmental service agencies, people with a developmental disability and their families may choose to seek services from a third party provider.

These private, or for-profit, providers are not funded by the government and therefore are not subject to the same strict ministry oversight, such as compliance inspections or service expectations that government-funded service providers must adhere to as part of their service contracts.

Information that is provided to individuals and their families about services and supports that may be offered by a third party service provider should not be constituted as an endorsement of those services.

People with developmental disabilities, and/or their family or caregiver should connect directly with the service provider to fully understand and assess what is being offered. The following factors should be considered when assessing a private/for-profit service provider:

  • The quality of the service;
  • The associated service policies (e.g. insurance coverage, hiring practices);
  • Any associated fees; and
  • Whether the service provider and service are acceptable to them and/or meets their personal needs.

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  • For information about whether a service provider is government-funded, speak with your local Developmental Service Ontario office and/or the service provider.