After growing up with his mom, Brent, 42, lived on his own in an apartment but sometimes found it a bit lonely and isolating. He now lives with Kathy, who is an experienced home provider. Brent is her fourth home sharer in 20 years.

As an active leader in her community, Kathy volunteers at a homeless shelter, helps women who are incarcerated, and works with other community agencies. With Kathy, Brent can remain independent while enjoying a sense of belonging and a genuine friendship. Together, they like to play bingo at the local lodge and spend quality time with Kathy’s adult children, who with Kathy and Brent, make up a close-knit family.

Brent also does many activities on his own, socializing with friends, riding his bicycle to visit his mom, taking karate lessons, and going fishing with his brother, Randy. He is currently exploring potential courses to expand his skills with the goal of finding employment within the hospitality industry.

“It’s heart first... home second” —Kathy