Jacob is 21 years old and experiences autism. Growing up, he lived with his foster family and his natural mother, who continues to be an important part of his life. Two years ago, ready for the next step in his life, he joined LifeShare and was matched with Erica and Scott, a young couple in their 20s with no children. Scott manages quality control for a hydraulics company. Erica, who is part Ojibway, shares her culture and traditions with Jacob through drumming and smudging ceremonies which he finds soothing.

As a trio, they like to go bass fishing, RV’ing (across and out of province) and enjoy dancing at concerts; anything from folk to rap to rock. All three are also quite active in their community, participating in the stream clean up with the Ontario Steelheaders, and Grand River Clean Up. They love animals, and have a Great Dane, a cat, and a Vietnamese potbellied pig, who are important members of the family.

Jacob loves school and is looking forward to graduating from high school. He hopes to get a job, ideally something that involves animals, fishing, or music, and dreams of travelling within Canada and beyond. Erica and Scott have seen a tremendous change in Jacob.

“He’s part of our family.” —Erica and Scott